El Hank Lighthouse

Phare d'El Hank, also known as the El Hank Lighthouse, is a historic lighthouse located in the El Hank neighborhood of Casablanca, Morocco. It has been an essential navigational aid for ships along the Atlantic coast of Morocco and played a crucial role in the city's maritime history.

Construction and inauguration:
The construction of the Phare d'El Hank began in 1909, under the French Protectorate, which lasted from 1912 to 1956 in Morocco. The lighthouse was designed by French architect Albert Laprade and was completed and inaugurated in 1916. The lighthouse was built to ensure the safe navigation of ships along the coast and guide them into the Port of Casablanca, which was rapidly growing in importance due to the city's burgeoning trade and industrial activities.

Architectural features:
The Phare d'El Hank stands 51 meters (167 feet) tall and is built of reinforced concrete. It features a distinctive octagonal shape and is painted white, with a red lantern on top. The lighthouse has a focal plane height of 59 meters (194 feet) above sea level, providing a far-reaching beam of light that can be seen up to 30 nautical miles away.

Operational history:
Throughout its history, the Phare d'El Hank has been an essential aid to navigation for ships in the region. It has undergone several upgrades and renovations to ensure its continued efficiency and reliability. In the 1920s, the lighthouse was fitted with a more powerful lantern, and in later years, it was automated to reduce the need for a resident lighthouse keeper.

Present-day significance:
The Phare d'El Hank remains an active lighthouse and continues to serve its original purpose as a navigational aid for vessels along the Atlantic coast. In addition to its practical function, the lighthouse has become a symbol of Casablanca's maritime heritage and is considered an architectural landmark. While the lighthouse itself is not open to the public, visitors can admire its impressive structure from the outside and enjoy the scenic coastal views in the surrounding area.

In summary, the Phare d'El Hank in Casablanca is a historic lighthouse with over a century of maritime history. It has played a crucial role in guiding ships along the Atlantic coast and has become a symbol of the city's rich maritime heritage.